List of all projects

1. 5 larger-than-life sculptures Art + Objects
2. Abzug Art + Objects
3. Aqualux Art + Objects
4. Aquarium in Istanbul Aquarium
5. Aquarium Sardinia Aquarium
6. Aquarium Wilhelmshaven Aquarium
7. Art object ” PLEXIGLAS® prisms “ Light Objects
8. Art object “Rock Crystal” Light Objects
9. blue horses Art + Objects
10. BMW Motorhome Events + Objects
11. Boulderwall Harsewinkel Water objects
12. Bow and tower window for dive boat LULA 1000 Submersibles
13. Bow window for diving boat JAGO Submersibles
14. Circular staircase, Co. Erbo, Germany Interior design
15. Cloche Art + Objects
16. Color Code Art + Objects
17. Complete protective cover Machine protection
18. Complete protective cover for an cartoning machine Machine protection
19. Counter, Co. Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH Fair construction
20. Counters (light furniture) Interior design
21. Countertop, Trade Fair Booth Orgatec 2010, Cologne Fair construction
22. Crystal Crystal
23. Cyriakus church Light Objects
24. De-Inking-Cell, laboratory unit Technic
25. Diamond Crystal
26. Diffuser modell Modelling
27. Dive boat Triton DEEP View 100 Submersibles
28. Donau-Aquarium Ulm Aquarium
29. Eurothermen Resort Aquarium
30. Experimental model Technic
31. Five Continents Art + Objects
32. Footbridge Facade
33. Forbidden Fruit Art + Objects
34. Formula Art + Objects
35. Glazing “Zittau lent cloth from 1472” Showcase
36. heavy pressure cylinder Swiss Science Center Technorama Winterthur 2020 Water objects
37. High Heel Art + Objects
38. Hirth coupling Modelling
39. Hotel ALBION St.Ulrich Italy pool window Swimming Pool
40. Hotel BEI SCHUMANN Kirschau Flying Pool Swimming Pool
41. Hotel GF VICTORIA Tenerife Flying Pool Swimming Pool
42. Hotel Quellenhof, Skypool, Luxury Resort Passeier, St. Martin, Alto Adige Swimming Pool
43. Hydraulic damping clutch Modelling
44. Ice Bowl Acrylic Ice
45. Ice Cube Acrylic Ice
46. Ice Lounge Acrylic Ice
47. Illuminated Christmas tree Transluce® Light Objects
48. infection protection infection protection
49. Japanese restaurant “ANAN”, VW car city Wolfsburg, Germany Interior design
50. jaw chuck Modelling
51. Jewellery showcases Showcase
52. Kitchen as a meeting point (light furniture) Interior design
53. Kitchen Bar, ESMT University, Berlin Interior design
54. Kitchen with light-wall Interior design
55. Lens Art + Objects
56. Light bars in the floor, Co. Mercedes-Benz, IAA Frankfurt 2007, Germany Fair construction
57. Light beam Oak Art + Objects
58. Light showcases with LED, Euroshop 2005 Showcase
59. Lighting of “Ulm cathedral” Light Objects
60. Mammoth Art + Objects
61. Meeting point (light furniture) Interior design
62. Mercedes-Benz Museum Art + Objects
63. Natural History Museum Dortmund Aquarium
64. Nautile Art + Objects
65. Noise absorbtion, auditorium ESMT University Berlin Sound protection
66. Noise absorption, Matthäuskirche, Stuttgart Sound protection
67. Ostsee-Info-Center Eckernförde Aquarium
68. Oversized Snow Globe on the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland Showcase
69. Palmitos Park Canary Islands Aquarium
70. Panelling of 7 concrete pillar, BULGARI Hotel, London Interior design
71. Pedestal for turbine model Modelling
72. PLEXIGLAS® Cube Light Objects
73. Pressure hull for Triton Passenger Submersible 7500/3 for DSV Aurelia Submersibles
74. Reception counter Interior design
75. Reception counter, Sparkasse Ettlingen, Germany Interior design
76. REISS illuminated facade Facade
77. Room divider, Sparkasse Ettlingen, Germany Interior design
78. Room Dividers & Partitions Interior design
79. Room Dividers & Partitions, Oldenburgische Landesbank AG, Germany Interior design
80. Russian Pavilion Events + Objects
81. Sample aquarium block bonding Aquarium
82. Seven Colors Design Art + Objects
83. Snow Globe Art + Objects
84. Sphere Facade
85. Sphere pressure body for Triton Passenger Submersible 1650/3/LP Submersibles
86. Sphere pressure body for Triton Passenger Submersible 3300/1/MD Submersibles
87. Sphere pressure body for Triton Passenger Submersible 3300/3 Submersibles
88. Sphere pressure body for Triton Passenger Submersible 3300/6 Submersibles
89. Spreewelten Lübbenau Spa and penguins Aquarium
90. Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau swimming with penguins Swimming Pool
91. Stone-Water-Glass Sculpture Art + Objects
92. Swimming Pool Cyprus Swimming Pool
93. Swimming Pool Geneva Swimming Pool
94. Swimming Pool Munich Swimming Pool
95. Swimming Pool Nærum Denmark Swimming Pool
96. Swimming Pool Timmendorfer Strand Germany Swimming Pool
97. Technical room cladding for ATMs, VR Bank Südpfalz Offenbach Interior design
98. Technical room panelling for ATMs, VR Bank, Landau Interior design
99. Terme Merano Art + Objects
100. Test suction roll of a paper machine Technic
101. three conical windows for dive boat “Limiting Factor”, Triton Submersibles
102. Trade Fair Booth “5 Cubes”, Co. Bayer, K 2007 Düsseldorf Fair construction
103. Trade Fair Booth, Co. Covestro, K 2016 Düsseldorf Fair construction
104. Trade Fair Booth, Co. Daimler Chrysler, Geneva 2003, Switzerland Fair construction
105. Trade Fair Booth, Co. Daimler Chrysler, Motor Show Geneva 2004, Switzerland Fair construction
106. Trade Fair Booth, Co. EnBW, Hannover Trade Fair 2008, Germany Fair construction
107. Trade Fair Booth, Co. Siemens, Hannover Trade Fair 2005 Fair construction
108. Trade Fair Booth, Co. Volvo Detroit 2002 (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Geneva 2003 (Switzerland) Fair construction
109. Trade Fair Booth, Co. Volvo, IAA Cars 2005 Fair construction
110. Trade Fair Booth, London 2006, England Fair construction
111. Trade Fair Construction CO. Jakob Schmid GmbH, Ligna 2015, Hanover Fair construction
112. Trade Fair Construction, Co. Daimler Chrysler, Motor Show Beijing 2004, China Fair construction
113. transparent sound protection in an office area Sound protection
114. transparent, illuminated cover of a precision scale Machine protection
115. Trapezium 1884 Art + Objects
116. University DFKI Bremen Aquarium
117. Volvo Ocean Race Events + Objects
118. Water Column Art + Objects
119. water cylinder 2000LSUB for TU Hamburg-Harburg Water objects
120. water cylinder for bioreactor Water objects
121. Water cylinder with vortex, Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht, Netherlands Water objects
122. Waterslide “Calypso”, Saarbrücken, Germany Water objects
123. Waterslide Aqualoop Water objects
124. Wavy sky, Co.Wanzl, Euroshop 2011 Fair construction
125. Well cover, Mellrichstadt, Germany Water objects
126. WWK Arena Facade
127. Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven Aquarium
128. Zoo Basel Penguin park Aquarium
129. Zoo Cologne Hippodom Aquarium
130. Zoo Frankfurt Penguin park Aquarium
131. Zoo Schmiding Aquarium
132. Zoo Wilhelma Stuttgart Aquarium