Hippodom Zoo Cologne

Material: 2x Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®, thermally deformed, one central bonding
Thickness: t=120 mm
Window for hippo pool:
Dimensions: 14500 x 3000 mm
Radius: r=18800 mm
Weight: wt=ca. 6,5t
Window for crocodile basin:
Dimensions: 10000 x 3000 mm
Radius: r=12600 mm
Weight: wt=ca. 4,5t

Aquarium-Cylinder Bad Schallerbach

Material: Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®,
3 parts thermoformed,
CNC 5-Axis routed,
parts bonded together with Acrylicfloor
Diameter: Ø=2600mm
Hight: h=6000mm
Wall-Thickness: d=80mm
Floor-Thickness: d=110mm
Weight: wt=ca. 6t

Danube Aquarium Ulm

Material: 4x Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®
thermoformed and bonded
Length: l=6000 mm
Arc length: l=6000 mm
Weight: wt=ca. 4,5t per tunnel

Natural History Museum Dortmund

Material: Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®
Arc length: l=21000 mm
Height: h=3000 mm
Thickness: d=80 mm
Total weight: wt=ca. 6,5t
LED: circumferential light band in the base

Aquarium Sardinia

Material: Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®
Thickness: t=120 mm
Dimensions: 2 pcs. 6500 x 2200 x 120 mm
Total weight: wt=ca. 4,5t

Sample of Bonding for EUAC Stralsund 2011

Material: Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®
bonded vertically
Thickness: d=160mm
Length: l=8000mm
Width: b=2000mm
Weight: wt=ca. 3t
Bonding Thickness: d=1,5mm
Stiffness: 90% of raw material