Conference Point

Material: Transsatco®, Transquieto®
6 Elements mikroperforated
(noise reduction),
thermoformed, lighted furniture


Material: Transsatco®, Transquieto®
6 Elements microperforated
thermoformed, lighted

Kitchen with light-wall

Material: Transsatco® transparent + white
PLEXIGLAS® gs transparent
Dimensions: ca. 4500x4000mm
Design: Sabine Hildebrandt

VR Bank Offenbach

Material: Transsatco® white 91081.22
Thickness: t=15 mm
Lighting: LED-RGB, Lightcolor of choice

VR Bank Landau

Material: Plexiglas® Block
22 Elements thermal deformed.
5-axis contour- and slot milling (Front).
Thickness: t=50 mm
Dimensions: Length: l=8000 mm
Breite: b=4000 mm
Height: h=2500 mm
Lighting: LED-RGB

Circular Staircase Fa.Erbo

Material: Plexiglas® transparent
both sides leveled, CNC milled,
with scratch-resistant, matt coating
Thickness: t=50mm

Panelling of Pillars

Material: Plexiglas® Block Transaqua®
thermoformed, 5-Axis CNC milled, matt coated
Thickness: d=60 mm
Hight: h=3000 mm
Diameter: Ø=1050 mm